Northern Wholesale Supply & Mor/ryde

Smoothing out the rough spots

Northern Wholesale Supply is proud to announce a new partnership with MOR/ryde International – This relationship gives Northern Wholesale Supply the opportunity to supply you with the full line of quality products & accessories from Mor/ryde.

You know the name Mor/ryde from their years of manufacturing high-performance, patented suspension systems for O.E.M. applications, utilizing their unique rubber in shear spring design. They continue to be the primary name when it comes to O.E.M suspension.

Mor/ryde’s success in the O.E.M market has lead to a natural progression to aftermarket. The last three years has seen an aggressive growth by Mor/ryde to expand their offerings and meet the needs of the aftermarket customer. There are four unique areas where they have concentrated their growth:
1. Rubber Pin Box Systems, 2. Suspension Systems, 3. TV mounts, & 4. Sliding Trays.

1. Rubber Pin Box Systems


The Mor-ryde pin box system is simple, well built, and does was it is suppose to do – makes your tow stress-free. They use a unique rubber shear spring technology that absorbs shock without the worry of air or maintenance.

Here is a picture of the strong rubber shear spring (the shock absorber):


Click here to see it in action:

When you replace your existing pin box with the shock absorbing Mor-Ryde model you get:


Please call or contact your Northern Wholesale Supply sales representative for fit & pricing on these pin box systems.

2. Suspension Systems / Running Gear

It’s all about the travel

Whether you want to smooth out a rough ride or upgrade weak or aging parts Mor-ryde has the solution for your running gear needs.

Mor-ryde has two options for upgrading your standard stock equalizer that will improve your customers travel and thusly smoothing out their ride.

Option 1:

3SRE4000 Suspension.pdf

For your customers with larger mid to high end units (5200 to 7000 GAWR) there is the SRE 4000. It simply replaces their stock equalizer with a Mor-Ryde system that has 4” of shock absorbing travel. This increased travel means smoother towing, improved towability and better protection from damaging road shock. Furthermore, the kit comes with one cross-member brace to firm up their stock frame. This kit will ensure a smoother, stabile ride for your customer and a nice sale for your parts and service departments.


Option 2:

MORryde CRE3000 Flyer.pdf

For your customer with slightly smaller or lighter units (3500 – 7000 GAWR) Mor-Ryde offers the CRE/3000 suspension system. It offers many of the features and advantages of the SRE4000 but at a slightly smaller scale. It offers 3 of suspension travel and a full 2 year warranty.


Running Gear

In addition to the suspension systems Mor-ryde offers many running gear upgrades. Your customer can upgrade their stock inferior bolts, shackles, shocks, or u-bolts to the heavy duty long lasting Mor-ryde options.

It is no surprise that OEM’s sometimes use the minimum quality products in running gear shackles and bolts to save cost. This can compromise the safety and stability of your customer unit. For peace of mind offer your customers the wet bolt upgrade kit from Mor-ryde.


Furthermore, Mor-ryde has you covered when you need new u-bolts, shocks, or need to reinforce a less than solid frame. Click on the links below each picture to read about the products offered for their replacement.


Running Gear By MORryde.pdf


Running Gear By MORryde.pdf


X Faxtor.pdf

Please call or contact your Northern Wholesale Supply sales representative for our part numbers & pricing on these Running Gear Upgrades.

3. TV Mounts

The TV mounts from Mor-ryde were one of the most talked about new items at the Northern Wholesale Supply Supershow. The wide variety of fits, styles, and options make Mor-ryde the answer to the question on where to get your customer’s RV a quality TV mounts for a reasonable cost.

Whether it is a ceiling, wall, slide-out or vertical mount Mor-ryde has a solution for your customers needs. Here are a few examples from the more than 20 different options from Mor-ryde:



Please call or contact your Northern Wholesale Supply sales representative for our part numbers & pricing on these TV mounts.

4. Slides & Tray

Lastly, Mor-ryde has done with sliding trays what you and your customers have requested for years. They have done all the work. No more to buying & cutting lumber and messing with complex time consuming installations. The Mor-ryde sliding tray are fully assembled and come with the finished carpeted flooring included. Thanks Mor-ryde!

Here are some of the sizes and options:



In addition to these cargo slides above Mor-ryde has models designed to fit your customers – freezers, Batteries, LP tanks, and also carry general purpose Utility Trays.


Please call or contact your Northern Wholesale Supply sales representative for our part numbers & pricing on these Storage sliding trays.

Northern Wholesale Supply looks forward to a long lasting successful relationship with Mor-ryde. Please let your Northern Wholesale Supply sales representative know if you have any questions on any of the products from Mor-ryde.


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