It’s coming. The busy season is right around the corner. While you’re planning your Open House this year don’t forget to spring forward your RV parts sales and service. This can be done with a simple shift of product, education, and some organization of some de-winterizing items & ideas.

Remember last fall when you set up your winterizing display? You took the time and effort to gather all of the pertinent products, add some signage, and show your customers how to properly put away their units for the winter. This work, hopefully, led to some parts sales and also some winterizing work for your service department. So, why not do the same for your customers when they take their units out for the spring – de-winterization

There are some products that are more obvious than other when it comes to setting your new section. My first thought when thinking de-winterizing is fresh water. It seems to me that winter is hardest on this area and its parts. Here is a list of items that you might include:

  • Fresh Water Sanitizers / Tabs / Dewinterizer (page 720 – RV Book)
  • Water heater items: Anodes / Drain Plugs / Relief Valves / Brushes (733-738 RV book)
  • Water Pumps (page 676-680 RV book)
  • Water Filters (page 701-709 RV book)
  • Water Hoses (page 716-717 RV book)
  • Service Special sign – Fresh Water (De-Winterize) rinse-out


Another product line that can fit in your new de-winterization section is what I will call spring maintenance items. These are products or services that get your customer unit ready (and looking good) for the road. Here are those types of items:

(These items can be found in our RV book: pages 574-590)

  • Rubber Roof Cleaner / Protector
  • Awning Cleaner
  • Black streak remover
  • Wash / Wax
  • Service Special sign – Wheel Bearing Pack / Brake Inspection
  • Service Special sign – Roof treatment / reseal


Finally, if you have room in your new section you might consider just a few of the most common “replaceable” parts that tend to break over the winter. You have them already in your store but moving them (or adding them) to a more visible area will help trigger your customer’s memory of things that they may have broken. Here are a few examples:

(These items can be found in our RV book: pages 610-675)

  • Baggage door clips (noggin savers)
  • Screen door latch
  • Door holdbacks
  • Rain spout gutters
  • Window crank knobs


When you put all of these items in one central location with the proper signage you have yourself a little “spring” profit center. Plus, it gets people excited for the upcoming year. So, plant the seed now in your customer’s minds and your parts and service sales will flourish – for the whole year. Let all have a great season.

Think spring & good selling,


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